Cibo Centre St.

Located on the corner of Centre Street and 22 Ave. N, Cibo is the reincarnation of Scopa Calgary, the name of which occupied the space in the prior four years.

Scopa, now Cibo are the sister restaurant of Cibo on 17th Ave. I’d been to Cibo on 17th numerous times (gnocchi forever). And had been to Scopa a couple times. I found Scopa to be a bit of a higher price range, and a bit of a smaller portion size, but always had good luck as far as flavour and wine pairings were concerned.

Siddall and I were actually en route for some sushi, but pulled a hard left into Cibo Centre St. on the way as the call for pasta was strong.

For a Wednesday, the restaurant was hoppin’ but we were seated right away at a tall table. The Cibo chairs, while modern and attractive in bright yellow, would not be the comfiest for those leaning towards the bootylicious – or for a pregnant lady who is only comfortable in one position for roughly 30 seconds before having to shift in another direction.

Our server was the best part of the night. Prompt, friendly and not in the least annoying or overbearing she was a gem. Note: Remember to get people’s names.

On Wednesdays house wine is only $4 which is hella decent. The special is a three course, Caesar salad, lasagna and cannoli for $16 – I went with that. Siddall went with the Proscuitto pizza complete with radicchio, caramelized onion, arugula, grana padano and fig jam ($19).

We started with table bread ($7), receiving four smallish, but hella fresh slices of foccacia.

My starter Caesar came not to long after. It had a wee anchovy plopped on top as decoration, and it was actually really tasty. The salad itself was a bit overdressed – though the bacon was delicious. And the accompanying slices of garlic toast were ginormous.


Not on my photo game this evening – already ate the anchovy.

But then came the long, long wait. Our server popped in every few minutes to let us know it wouldn’t be much longer, and she appreciated our patience. This went on for roughly 30-40 minutes before she let us know there was some sort of issue with the pizza, and again, it would be out soon.

I tried the age old trick of “go to the loo and the food will arrive” and voila, finally. Our server confided the first one had been burnt – hence the wait.

The pizza looked a thing of beauty, and Siddall enjoyed the umami of all the different flavours. Size-wise it’s a little smaller than counterparts you’d find at an Una or a Without Papers.


Proscuitto forever.

The lasagna looked lovely with a pea shoot garnish, and I scored the corner piece which is always a delight. Flavour-wise it was pretty decent – not up to Grandma calibre and a little salty. The major bummer was it was only luke warm.


Hey beautiful, why so cool?

Last but not least, the cannoli. Needing to compensate for the evenings salt I was very ready for some sweet and the cannoli delivered. Like the lasagna, it was a bit on the chilly side – maybe they’re supposed to be served that way? I am far from a cannoli connoisseur. The crunch was delightful, the hazelnut filling decent and the coffee dipped tips a nice complement.


So I took a bite, not like this was National Geographic material people.

Upon receiving the bill, we saved on half of our table bread, $3.50, for the long wait of the burnt pizza.

Cibo Centre St. is not yet on Zomato so no widget sports fans. But:

Atmosphere: 2
Service: 4
Food: 2.5

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