Kinjo Dalhousie – Calgary

When one can hardly throw a stone without hitting a Vietnamese restaurant in Calgary, the same could be said for sushi.

One of the more franchised spots in the city is Kinjo. I’ve only ever been to the Dalhousie location so if you have tips on any of the others, shoot them my way.

Siddall and I were in the northwest the other day and decided sushi was required. (If you also know of some sweet sushi tastiness in the n-dub, let me know!)

Kinjo is such a friendly place – and a very streamlined one. The service is always immaculate. Before you even arrive at your table, you’re armed with ginger and wasabi. The entire menu is in a pick-you-own format – and then your choices are kept on a small clipboard at the table in the event you’d like to order more. We didn’t have to order more because we got a little excited and ordered way too much in the first place.


Like most sushi restaurants, your food comes out as it’s ready. Sashimi first, and the rest followed quickly after. A big win for me here actually wasn’t sushi at all but the onion ring tempura – I’d hazard to say tastier than A&W, but don’t run me over with a truck for that.

The smaller rolls are pretty generic and not necessarily the prettiest, but they do have great flavour – particularly the yam tempura.

The prettiest sushi we ordered was definitely the vegetable roll. I’m usually all meat, all the time, but this one looked very intriguing with yam and asparagus tempura and a strawberry slice on top. The asparagus was a little tough, and I wasn’t exactly enamored with the strawberry mingling with the other flavours, but a success.

Kinjo 1

One of the perks of Kinjo is the end of your meal when a fellow comes around with a variety of Pocky Sticks for your dessert – always go strawberry!

Atmosphere: 3
Service: 5
Food: 3

Kinjo Sushi & Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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