Mossleigh Bar’n Grill – Mossleigh, AB

*Disclaimer: Received a lovely email from Brooklyn at the Mossleigh Bar’n Grill with an invite for a complimentary lunch. I accepted on the basis I would write an honest review, and that I would also chip in for anyone I might bring along. Siddall came with me, and the Bar’n Grill ended up kindly comping our whole meal.

Exploring Alberta back roads is one way of finding yourself some great eats. A big one that comes to my mind is the Twin Butte County General Store. People will drive for miles for a taste of the Mexican there (and you should too).

The Mossleigh Bar’n Grill is another of these. Yes, we were invited, but had we been cruising along Highway 24 just for the fun of it one day, this is definitely somewhere we would stop – even for a quick beer and a snack. Also, to my two-wheeling peeps – looks like a great stop over while out cruising on a lovely Alberta day. The Bar’n Grill is just east of Aspen Crossing and you can’t miss the big red building on the roadside.


The Bar’n Grill is large and in charge, but upon entering feels immediately cozy. There is woodwork everywhere, some sweet ceiling fans, buffalo horns and other paraphernalia giving it a rustic chic feel. Hockey was on the televisions, so that’s an immediate draw for moi.


The old standbys of pool tables, Buck Hunter and the big punch boxer is also on hand. A variety of different tables and chairs add to the charm of the place, while ’50s hits on the radio keep one bobbing their head and singing along. If you’re your own crooner, the Bar’n Grill hosts jams every other Friday.


As well as the daily specials, the Bar’n Grill offered up a specials menu and regular menu. I was immediately drawn to the Mac’n’Cheese stuffed burger, while Siddall went the greener route with the Chef’s Salad and the less green route adding a side of onion rings.


Siddall’s salad was fresh and plentiful, but what she really raved about were the onion rings.  A fiend for onion rings, she’s knows what’s up and the Bar’n Grill really delivered. I tried one as well, and the batter was hella light and the onion well cooked and tasty. 10/10 would be a great snack for game time and beers.


The Mac’n’Cheese stuffed burger was a big ol’ burger and hot, hot, hot off the grill. The meat had great flavour, but I would like to see a tidge more mac’n’cheese stuffed in there as it’s a killer combo of awesomeness.

When ordering, Brooklyn asked if I wanted shoestring or homemade – my usual go to is always shoestring, but she had me at “we slice them here ourselves”. These, ladies and gentlemen are good fries. Not too big as to be all potato and no crunch, and not too skinny so they still taste like an actual potato.

Many thanks to Brooklyn, and the Mossleigh Bar’n Grill. We’ll be back – and I’ll bring the folks because I maybe forgot to invite them this time around and Mama Bear hinted it had been a lovely day for a drive.


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