Madison’s 12|12 – Calgary

Now our buddy Norman is one of the loveliest people you’ll meet – she’s also one of the hungriest. Girl can pack some snacks in her, particularly when it comes to tacos and nachos.

So, when I heard John Gilchrist awhile back talking about a new “Craft Nacho” joint in Inglewood, I knew Norman had to come along.

Tucked in along historic Ninth Avenue in Inglewood (where the original Bite was), Madison’s has a modern, industrial chic thing going on. Beautiful bar upon arrival, mixed booth and table seating and the kitchen tucked at the back.

The tables at Madison’s are very unique, the have a bit of a bow to them, a very subtle u-shape so watch your liquids sports fans.

I was particularly fond of the array of hot sauces placed on the bar so you can go on up and try whatever tickles your fancy – including some Assburn, which I chose not to try.


Clockwise from L: The loveliest presentation I ever did see for a coffee, the bar and hello hot sauce

Madison’s menu is simple. Want nachos? Here’s a bunch of flavours you have rarely, if ever, see on nachos. Want salad? Here’s a bunch of salads, some you know, and some very similar to the nachos on the other side of the page. Flavours range from Korean, Wilted Kale and Roasted Yam, Mexican and Wild Mushroom and Truffle.

I went with the Mac & Cheese & “Hot Dogs” (the “hot dogs” are actually Spolumbo’s sausage from down the street), Norman went with the Poke Nachos and Siddall went with the Crunchy Kale Caesar salad.

Before we get into the eats, I’d like to point out a lovely sense of local/community I got from Madison’s. Here I am in an Inglewood Nacho Bar, drinking a High Line Brewery Hopeless Romantic Sour – made just down the street, eating nachos with sausage – made just down the street. Feeling the love Inglewood!


Poke Nachos and Crunchy Kale Caesar

Now when making my nacho choice, I skimmed right past the Poke because I lack imagination sometimes. Norman went right for it and sweet baby unicorns, worth it. Served on won-ton chips, the tuna was tender, the mango sweet and the cucumber fresh. Topped with spicy mayo, I will admit, this dish was my favourite of the evening.

The Crunchy Kale Caesar did not shy away from bacon and cheese love. Siddall had no problem crushing it and liked the added crunch of the taco chip a la croutons. I think she said it’s one of the best salads she’s ever had, but don’t quote me on that.

Madisons 3

Mac & Cheese & “Hot Dog” Nachos

Now this may seem like I’m downplaying my choice and trust me friends, I am not. This was delicious. Half the plate was gone before I even knew what was happening. The Mac & Cheese is usually served with a homemade ketchup over top but I asked for it on the side as I don’t have the same fondness for ketchup I once did as I advance in my years.

However, the mac and cheese was spot on, the sausage all over the place without being overwhelming, and the chips remained cruncy. The sliced green onion was a nice touch to break up the heaviness of the dish but all in all, perfect for a winter evening.

At one point, Siddall the Younger arrived and he also ordered the Mac & Cheese – crushing it faster than one would think possible. Randy Santel of Calgary perhaps?

Our dishes came out hella quick thanks to the fast hands of the one, yes one chef in the back. It was him and our server, who was awesome with as many as four tables on his hands at one time. It was a bit quiet in there and I do wonder why considering our experience. Maybe they get more of a lunch crowd?

Obviously we needed dessert, and obviously we needed to try one of each of the Apple Pie Nachos and Strawberry Shortcake Nachos.


Strawberry Shortcake Nachos and Apple Pie Nachos – obvs

I only had a couple bits of the Apple Pie but they were rich and warm like Apple Pie should be. The shortbread however, was freaking delicious and 10/10 would eat again.

Atmosphere: 3
Service: 5
Food: 3.5

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