Tubby Dog – Calgary

*Full Disclosure: Nerd Alert! Once a month, usually on a Sunday, some very fantastic people and myself get together to play some good old fashioned Dungeons and Dragons. Usually, when it’s Jobin Thievesalot’s turn to host, we go to some pretty sweet places. Last Sunday, that place was Tubby Dog.

Nestled along 17th Avenue between Ninth and Tenth Street is a wee gem of a wiener joint.

Upon entering Tubby Dog, one feels thrust into the kitchsy, arcade, diner magic of the ’80s (Tubby was actually established in ’05). Arcade games, including Mrs. Pac Man and Street Fighter line two walls, bordered by a long red counter and booth seating.


Old country music blares from the speakers. Photos and posters of film stars bedeck the walls and cabinets, for whatever intriguing reason, packed with all variety of goods including turkey gizzards and squeeze cheese decorate two corners.

All in, it’s like walking into some nostalgic teenage hangout- including a mysterious, greasy bit of perfume.

Now, Tubby is not all about the Dogs. It’s also about Tacos (on Tuesday, obvs), and Burgers (one Wednesday). The arcade games aren’t just there for show and the odd game, as the venue also hosts Thursday Night Gaming, and chalkboards keep track of who games supreme.

While you can create your own dog, I highly recommend going with one of the carefully, and sometimes crazily crafted Tubby Dog creations. Tubby Dog is your classic chili; Sumo includes wasabi and pickled ginger; PBJ includes peanut butter and jelly, obvs. But also Cap’n Crunch which ermagherd!

But the particular dog that called to me on this day was the A-Bomb. Cheese, bacon, mayo, mustard and potato chips, yes potato chips. (I held the ketchup). Also friends, this is not just some shredded melty cheese, which on its own is awesome. This was NACHO CHEESE. If I had nacho cheese instead of blood in my veins, I would be a happy camper.

DAMN DOG! This. Was. Good.

Tubby has a pretty sweet collection of beers – or hard stuff – to go with your dog, but I washed mine down with a giant ass coca cola. Traditionalist.


CHEZZZZZZZ! Yes, there’s a wiener in there.

Tubby also gets brownie points for serving pickled eggs, because pickled eggs are the bomb.

Atmosphere: 5
Food: 4
Service: 4

Tubby Dog Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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