Lac Viet – Calgary

While we’ve been having a pretty mild cold season in the scheme of things, some nights there is still quite the bite in the wind so a lady needs some pho in her belly.

En route to the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Centre Christmas Market awhile back, we stopped in at Lac Viet for some Vietnamese love.

We’ve Skipped the Dishes with Lac Viet before but this was the first time inside. Your usual Vietnamese restaurant template with simple, clean lines, people coming in and out for take out, and the usual figurines including the lucky cat.

For drinks, my lady friend went with the Vietnamese Coffee and I, an ice cold Tiger beer. We started with some crispy fried won-tons and they were freaking delish.

Siddall went for the 41. Charbroiled chicken and lemon grass with spring rolls, and I went with the 11. Special beef noodle soup with medium rare, well done, tendon, tripe and beef balls, but I also asked for it spicy.


Lac Viet is not stingy on portions and their product is always nice and fresh. Siddall inhaled her vermicelli and my soup, while not as spicy as I would of liked, was like a warm hug (this from someone not particularly fond of hugs).


This is only the second time I’ve tried tripe in a pho. The first being un-memorable (is that a word?) Anyways, Lac Viet won me back on the tripe train as the bits of cow stomach where tender and well flavoured. The tendy was fatty and gorgeous and the beef balls little bites of love.

Lac Viet Vietnamese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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