Without Papers – Calgary

Sometimes a lady just needs a night out with her bestest lady friends and for me that night was last night.

Katie, Kelsey (yes, another one) and I met in Inglewood for a two-part date night.

Part 1: Without Papers

We started with dinner at Without Papers.

If you haven’t been, Without Papers is between 11th and 12th Street on Ninth Avenue in the lovely and historical community of Inglewood. It can be a bit of a sneaky blighter to find as it’s just a door and a sign, but well worth it. Up a decent sized stairway to pizza you’re welcomed by the warm, doughy smells of the joint.

Old Pink Panther episodes were playing on two walls and the chefs were buzzing around in the open concept kitchen. Lighting is at romantic capacity (hence the mediocre pics), but certainly sets the mood. And, this place is hot, like bare your shoulders in Calgary in November temperature, so FYI. I was ahead of the ladies so of course started drinking without them. Having recently fallen in love with sour beer after a trip to Annex Ale Project, I ordered the daily special, High Line Brewery’s Heartless Romantic Sour.

What a lovely little gem this was. And sour. If you like sour, you’ll love this beer. I understand sour can be an adjustment for a beverage like beer, but damn this was good. Highly recommend.

The three of us went family style and shared a salad and two pizzas. And let me tell you, the salad was a freaking revelation.

I eat a lot of food and I usually enjoy it, a lot. But Without Paper’s Roasted Beet Salad with cumin, caraway, chevre and balsamic vinaigrette is on a whole different plane. “Yeah, but it’s just a beet salad!” you might say. And I would say the difference is the cumin and the caraway. Damn girl. Just give it a go and let me know what you think, okay?

For pizzas we went with the evening special, the Salty Dog (prosciutto, olives, red onions), and Parma (tomato sauce, prosciutto, arugula, mozza, parmigiano).

The Salty Dog was indeed, salty. But in a good way, not an overwhelming way, mostly because of the olives. A tasty pizza, especially with the addition of chili oil and chili flakes. The chilis are served in two small dishes and our server recommended mixing them to create a paste – excellent decision.

The Parma is a classic. I totally dig arugula on a pizza and the chunks of parmigiano were large and in charge adding a lot of flavour.


Dessert was an obvious cap to dinner so we ordered the chocolate tart with meringue and the Mars Bar Ice Cream. From the way the server chatted about it, it sounds like Without Papers makes their ice cream in house. The Mars Bar Ice Cream was certainly a win, and while I don’t like it as a beer, I’d love to try their IPA Ice Cream one day.

The tart was rich and chocolaty and paired delightfully with the soft, creamy meringue. My beer pairing recommendation? Big Rock Traditional.

Without Papers Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Part 2:

After dinner we went two doors east to the 4Cats Arts Studio. This place is amazing. While Kelsey and I thought we were just going in to paint a pottery owl cup, we were indeed there to build the thing from scratch. 4Cats has great deals on making your own cups – 2 for $35 – and you get three visits out of the deal. 1. Build cup. 2. Glaze cup. 3. Pick up completed cup.

The nice thing too, is your cup can be whatever you want it to be. We were there to make penguins and to be honest mine turned out looking like an owl, or an old hunter in sunglasses – hard to say.

IMG_2638 (1)

Phil, Calvin and David. Photo by Kelsey (the other one).


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