Red Fish, Blue Fish – Victoria, BC

Red Fish, Blue Fish is another spot recommended to us as a must-eat. Although a recommendation really wasn’t needed as the popularity of the recycled-sea-can restaurant is very clear to the naked eye as it was lined up down the dock.

It was a hella hot day, but Red Fish, Blue Fish graciously puts umbrellas and an extra menu up for its patrons in line. People notice stuff like that, and appreciate the gesture.

We ordered a bit of a mix to taste all the different fares offered by the wee restaurant that can: albacore tuna tacone (hand-roll style flour* tortilla taco with coleslaw, pea shoots, sauce, lemon-pickled onions, spicy spot prawn mayo, grilled medium rare); cup of chowder (chipotle coconut and sweet corn with Pacific white fish confit); crispy fried oysters and an order of chips.

PS The tacone’s can be made tostada style on a corn tortilla for the GF crowd out there. I didn’t double check if they use a separate fryer for the fries though.

Since it came out first, let’s start with the chowder.

Oh. My. God.

Firstly, the cup ($5) is a very generous cup. We aren’t talking tiny ceramic bowl like the restaurants have, this is a big ass cup. I’m not sure what the bowl looked like, but it would be a lotta chowder.


Sheltered lines, busy fellas and nectar of the gods.

Secondly, this was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. And I eat a lot, a lot. The chipotle coconut gave the chowder a very Thai feel, but what it really felt like was nectar of the gods.

The fries ($3) were damn good, high five Kennebec potatoes!

The tacone ($7) was hella fresh, and also of a substantial size . The addition of the pea shots and pickled onions really complimented the tuna.

The oysters were my least favourite, but really that’s on me. I’m always fresh oysters all the time, and while I love anything fried, oysters just aren’t the same. That being said, the oysters were meaty and rich, and certainly not small, and the batter hot and fresh.

red fish 2

Say hello to my little tacone, crispy fried oyster action.

Atmosphere: 4
Service: 4
Food: 4.5

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