French Creek Marine Pub – Parksville, BC

So continuing our adventures on Vancouver Island, we made our way north towards Qualicum Beach. Craving sushi, I had Sam’s Sushi Bar pinpointed as our next stop.

Sam’s however had other plans and is closed between 2 and 4 pm. Fail. Since we were headed to French Creek Seafood to pick up something for dinner, we instead popped into the French Creek Marine Pub.

The pub is nestled on French Creek Harbour and one gets great views of the docks, and the seagulls who call them home. The pub is nothing fancy, but you can tell it’s definitely a hot spot for locals. It’s also a hot spot for NASCAR as there were posters and paraphernalia everywhere.

It was time for us to hit up the seafood. We both started with some clam chowder. Then Siddall ordered the crab cakes and I ordered the fish tacos (breaded cod). Siddall also gave a very high thumbs up to the pub’s rendition of a Long Island Ice Tea.


The Clam Chowder was hot and choc full of tender morsels, but was a bit short on salt. The crab cakes were tasty, a bit on the smaller side, but the winner of that dish was really the spicy aioli.

While the fish tacos looked pretty upon their presentation, the pile of cabbage on top made the actual eating of them a little difficult. Once I trimmed the cabbage though, this dish won the day. The fish was tender, and the batter crisp with amazing flavour. All the thumbs up for the fish.

french creek

Afterwards we made our way to French Creek Seafood, a stone’s throw away and right on the water. The store is connected right to the processing plant. We grabbed a couple more crab cakes (the pub doesn’t source theirs from here), and some smoked teriyaki salmon.

When we made them up later that night, the crab cakes were freaking delicious. Definitely the best we sampled on the trip. The salmon was also really great and we definitely picked up the smoke, just not a ton of the teriyaki flavour.

Atmosphere: 3
Food: 3.5
Service: 4

French Creek Marine Pub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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