WHIFS – Drumheller

Sometimes you walk into a place with a plan for a particular breakfast. Then you see said place has a $13.95 buffet including pancakes, latkes, pierogies, bacon, dry ribs and a mango orange whip and you immediately change your mind.

Such as the case at WHIFS in Drumheller.

Ice Cream.

WHIFS serves up all of the above and has a decent list of Eggs Benedict variations as well. I had none of those things on this day, but I did have the buffet, and while my dish looks pretty brown, I’m not at all bothered because it was freaking delicious.


Lets start with the bacon. Crispy, hot off the grill (I maybe waited to make my move until immediately the lady refilled the bacon bin). The latkes were the right mix of crisp and soft and while dry ribs may seem out of place in a breakfast buffet, I thought it was an ingenious addition.

The winners of the day however were the pierogies and the whip. The pierogies were so buttery and so potatoey and flavourful, I wish I could’ve packed away more.

The whip, of which I didn’t get a decent photo because I was busy stuffing my face, was creamy and smooth with the sharp punches of orange and mango and marshmallow, drool.

Siddall was also a big fan of the whip, but her favourite part of the buffet was the rice pudding (NO RAISINS!). Norman was particularly partial to the blueberry jello and made a decent Norman-sized dent in the bowl.

Similar to Blackfoot Diner, WHIFS has a train patrolling above the heads of the diners and the servers know what’s up. Definitely a must-stop when in Drumheller.

Atmosphere: 3.5
Service: 4
Food: 4

Whifs Flap Jack House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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