Last Chance Saloon – Wayne, Alberta

Now and then, it’s important to stray off the beaten path in order to find some hidden local gems.

One of these gems – while off the beaten path, but certainly not hidden – is the Last Chance Saloon in Wayne, Alberta.

If heading to Wayne from Drumheller, the hotel and saloon are located after nine of the 11 Bridges of Wayne.

Wayne is a former coal-town. Home of the Last Chance Saloon, the Rosedeer Hotel opened in 1913. This was my third time visiting, and being a long weekend, definitely the busiest. I should note there was also a big Frolf tourney going on so there were people everywhere.


However, some lovely ladies offered our group of four their table for tour to sit elsewhere so we were seated after about five minutes. The saloon has an amazing outdoor seating area, but the fun is really inside considering all the antique and kitsch decor around the bar.


Having indulged in one too many Long Island Ice Tea’s the evening before at the Hoodoo RV Resort, I went with my favourite standby, chicken fingers. And lo and behold, Last Chance Saloon passed the Hipkin chicken finger test with flying colours. Honey mustard sauce, check. Crinkle cut fries, check. The meal also came with a big ol’ hunk of garlic bread, easily dispatched by Siddall.

Last Chance

Siddall went with the chicken burger (grilled, mozza, lettuce, tomato, red onion), and her favourite side, onion rings, and gave it the thumbs up. Also earning a thumbs up was Norman’s knucklehead burger (1/4 pound patty, lettuce, red onion, dill pickle and house sauce) also with onion rings.

Yu went with the fish and chips and it was a hella mother piece of fish that looked great. He enjoyed it but said it was a tidge on the greasy side. Despite the constant flow of traffic and being busy, busy, the staff was prompt and lovely to deal with.


Whether making a day trip, or staying in the area for the weekend ($15 camping!) – Last Chance Saloon in Wayne is definitely worth it.

Atmosphere: 5
Food: 3.5
Service: 4

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