The Derrick Gin Mill & Kitchen – Calgary

Cocktails. Cocktails. Cocktails.


Big fan of …. cocktails.

The Derrick Gin Mill & Kitchen is conveniently located across the street from the Globe Theatre on 8th Avenue Downtown.

Decor is rustic with animal heads on the wall, antiques and exposed brick so is obviously right up my alley. We’ve been here once before for a full on dinner and it was delish, but on this particular evening it was all about cocktails and snacks.

We started with the Payday (rose gin, peach and raspberry cognac, citrus, vanilla, bitters) and the Fracking Good #2 (gin, coconut rum, green chartreuse, lavender, balsamic, basil, bubbles). The Payday was clean and sweet – not something you’d want to have to many of in a row, but delightful flavour, especially with the rose gin. Fracking Good was indeed fracking good. The coconut rum combined with the basil gave it a subtle kick and while the balsamic was as noticeable as the Blackberry Port at Hayden Block, it’s presence made itself known in a subtle way.


Clockwise from top left: Pay Day and Fracking Good #2, raw and roasted beet salad, fries and dip, awesome decor, bartender’s special (it didn’t actually have a name, that’s what I’m calling it).

Next up, our salad and fries arrived. SKINNY FRIES! I’m a fiend for skinny fries and these were tasty. The dip was dip and nothing to write home about, but frankly the fries didn’t need it anyways. The salad was uber fresh and the addition of candied walnuts the bomb dot com. Loved the addition of fresh beets and the plate was very pretty to look at, but the wide fresh beet slices made for some unusual fork tactics.

Next up for cocktails we went with the Apricot Sour (cognac, apricot brandy, citrus, mint, egg, bitters) and the Bourbon Sour Cola (bourbon, citrus, mint, cola, bitters). The Apricot had the creamiest, loveliest egg foam you’ll ever see and was sweet and tasty. The bourbon was balanced nicely by the citrus and mint, and there was just a touch of cola for colour, so the bourbon wasn’t overwhelmed with sweetness.


Apricot Sour and Bourbon Sour Cola

We decided to share one last cocktail and were having trouble deciding when our lovely bartender asked if he could make us one of his signature creations. Now sitting at the bar is a wonderous thing, you get to see the bartenders work their magic, you get to eyeball all the different liquors the bar is showcasing and you get to try things like signature creations.

Disclaimer – We never got this fellows name, but he was awesome and rocked a sweet hat and I’m making a rule to get bartenders’ names from now on.

Now this was last week and I can’t remember what all was in the cocktail – but I do remember pisco and rose petals. Either way, it was freaking delicious and the next time we go the Globe, I know we’ll be having a pre-film cocktail.

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