Tea on the Verandah – Calgary

There’s something so very elegant and vintage about taking high tea, and I love it.

Fine dining isn’t much my forte as I’m more a burger and fries kinda gal, but every now and then it’s nice to dress a little fancier and take your Grandma for tea.

The Famous Five Interpretive Centre at Heritage Park offers a lovely Tea on the Verandah. For a very reasonable $21.95 (You still pay admission, minus 25% with your tea ticket) – you get all the tea or lemonade you can drink and of course some beautiful tidbits to snack on.

We’ll start with the tea. Heritage Park offers a rooibos or black tea. Grandma and I shared a pot of the rooibos and it was really nice. Didn’t even need sugar as the flavour is very pronounced, but not in an offensive way. Siddall had the black, and drank it that way, and Norman had the lemonade. The menu says pink, but this was yellow – it was tart, and a bit on the too sweet side.


For food, there are three different finger sandwiches: smoked salmon pinwheel with caper cream cheese, Westfalian ham and Gruyere and cucumber with dill cream cheese. (Cucumber takes the cake in this round).

Pastries include vanilla cream puffs, raspberry chocolate macaroon a mini lemon meringue tart and a custard fruit tart. (Cream puff and meringue tart for the win) As well, the tower is topped with buttermilk and current scones.

Wee jars of jam and honey round out the meal, and are especially lovely with the scones. Which. Are. Amazing. (Sidenote: I’ve never tried the currant scones as they’re too close a relative to a raisin, but Siddall and Grandma gave them the thumbs up)


It was a 30 degree day but the verandah is fully shaded and there was a bit of a breeze. We’ve been once before and it was hailing, but they just move the tables into the dining room of the interpretive centre and with its dark wood and homey features, is very cozy. The perk to sitting outside is the train that comes rumbling by every 20 mintues or so, it certainly does take you back a few decades.

The staff definitely deserve a thumbs up here as they were very attentive, refilling our waters and tea on a regular basis, and very politely taking all the pictures for my snap happy dining companions.

Also, when compared with other high teas – Empress Victoria ($75 pp), Lougheed House ($40 pp), Dove’s Nest ($32.95), it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Atmosphere: 5
Food: 3.5
Service: 5

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