Betty Lou’s Library – Calgary

Like literature? Vintage? Cocktails? Jazz?

Visit Betty Lou’s.

I was actually hesitant to blog about this place because I didn’t want to let too many people know of its magic, but Betty Lou’s Library is freaking wonderful.

The bar echoes prohibition-era speakeasies, complete with secret door and required password to enter. (Fun fact: Definitely make a reservation).

When granted passage you step back about 80 years into a magical vintage haven of Victorian wingback chairs and sofas, wood floors and mahogany wood features for days. This isn’t the place to throw on yesterday’s jeans and a Yankees cap either – so if you’re looking for somewhere to be loud and down eight pints, Betty Lou’s isn’t the spot. You’ll want to dress up a little, well almost a lot, plus it just adds to that vintage atmosphere. Seating is a bit tight but just adds to the atmosphere and from almost every perspective you can see the bartenders rolling out fantastic creations with fantastic names like Anais Nin, Dorothy Parker, George Sand and This Side of Paradise.

We were seated directly by the music, a five piece band playing jazz classics and jamming out of their own accord. Being as close as we were, it allows for a musical experience people are rarely party to.

I started with a cocktail from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Bibliography, Tender Is the Night. Comprised of gin with green tea mint syrup, lime and tonic – it was very refreshing and had me questioning why I’ve never been a big fan of gin. Siddall went with the Djuna Barnes, also gin with St. Germain, cassis, lemon juice, egg white and lambrusco syrup. Hers was sweeter, very tasty and felt like something one could cuddle up with on a stormy evening.

Betty Lou’s also offers about five snack plates ranging from all the goodies. We went with the pine nuts, gouda, fig jam, pear and baguette plate. The cheese was freaking divine and Siddall could’t get enough of the jam.


It was mood lighting, so calm yer pants and just accept it for the beauty it is.

Our server, while busy, was always present to fill our still and sparkling water, and was very helpful in making menu suggestions.

There is no doubt, we will be back.

Atmoshpere: 5
Service: 5
Food: 4.5
Cocktails: 4

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