Quesada – High River

Sometimes, when you’re in High River hanging out with your mom while she gets her car serviced, a girl needs some tacos.

Lucky for me when I was in High River with Neuman (that’s my mom), last weekend, we popped into the Quesada, located in a strip mall at the south end of town.

The very pleasant proprietor informed us the location has been open for five months. The place was hella clean with bright red seating and the serving counter tucked at the back.

Like most taco joints today, Quesada lets you pick the bones of the dish then you can go all out on your choice of toppings. They did have only flour tortillas so it would be nice to see some traditional corn for the GF folks out there.


Neuman went with the burrito bowl with steak and was very impressed with the freshness of the ingredients.

I went with the pork tacos. The meat was nothing to write home about but the fact they were loaded with fresh corn, cilantro, lettuce, cheese and onions really made them shine, especially with the addition of pickled onions and a lime cilantro sauce. I went with the medium salsa, a salsa verde, and it was runny nose hot and very tasty.

We added a side of guac and chips and the guac too, was fresh with nice punches of cilantro. The chips were chips, but a good vehicle for dipping.

Atmosphere: 3.5
Service: 4.5
Food: 3.5

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