Cookbook – Oh She Glows Every Day

Lets start the day with a disclaimer – I didn’t make this recipe, Siddall did, though I did eat it and we created a couple different variations for meal ideas so I’m still gonna do a review.

First things first, this is a unique title and a little flowery for me, but whatever blows your skirt up. Oh She Glows Every Day is a vegan cookbook created by Angela Liddon, and Siddall purchased it on the advice of a dear friend.

So far she’s a big fan of the energy bites, but she spread her cookbook wings to make me dinner the other night and whipped up the Chickpea Curry Salad.


Firstly, this is a great dish for hot days when you want something quick and light. We ate them open face style with some fresh chives from the garden. The curry flavour is not overwhelming but just right and I liked the added crunch of the peppers.

As I may have mentioned, not really a breakfast person, so the next morning I took the leftover salad and jazzed it up with some feta, fresh green peas, more chives, and pea shoots, with a side of homemade tortilla crackers.


The feta was a nice sharp contrast to the savoury curry flavour and the pops of freshness from the peas, shoots and chives was divine. I love that this salad can take on different incarnations of a meal so you don’t get bored. Also, it’s great on crackers, homemade or otherwise.

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