Popeye’s Chicken – Calgary

*17th Ave SE location

When Siddall thinks Popeye’s – it’s the supplement place where you buy giant barrels of protein powder and receive these shaker cups that begin to overfill your cupboards. When I think Popeye’s however, it’s all about the fried chicken.

Popeye’s opened on 17th Avenue SE this past winter, while it was to the chagrin of some locals, it was to the fried chicken delights of others. I didn’t make it to Popeye’s until earlier this month when a co-worker and I was in the area. Never one to say no to fried chicken we decided to stop in.


I’ve only been to Popeye’s once before, in Vegas, where I discovered its magic and lemon ice box pie. Here in Cowtown, I ordered a two piece spicy combo and was allowed by choice of side from a menu consisting of cajun poutine, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, onion rings, macaroni and cheese, cajun fries, red beans and rice and corn on the cob.

Sidenote: Popeye’s serves Orange Crush, so be still my beating heart as it is the unicorn of soda pop.

I opted for the mac and cheese this time around but think the red beans and rice are an interesting addition for next time.

But, friends, the star of this show is obviously the chicken and Popeye’s, whether it’s Calgary or the U.S, knows its fried chicken. The coating is hella crispy and the spicy isn’t too spicy but is the wonderful kind of crunchy spice that makes your nose run a little but doesn’t make you cry like a baby.


Also to be commended is Popeye’s biscuits. Maybe a bit salty and buttery for some, but right up my alley. Soft, with a nice bite, I could probably crush half a dozen in one sitting.

The only spot where my experience fell short was the macaroni and cheese. It looks really creamy and appetizing, but is a little pasty and short on flavour. The nice thing is there’s so many sides to choose from, I’ll just skip on it next time.


Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen  Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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