4th Avenue Keg – Calgary

It was date night and we were headed to Free First Thursday at the Glenbow Museum (highly recommended, check it out!) so were looking for somewhere downtown to gnosh. We happened to have some Keg gift certificates from the wedding, so decided to check out the 4th Avenue Keg.

Chains aren’t always high on my list of restaurant choices as I like to check out what’s new and different, but I’ve had pretty good luck at Keg’s in the city before. Particularly the Marlborough location.

But, from the beginning, this visit was different. It was a lovely evening so we decided to sit on the patio. Considering there was no one to greet us, we popped in and a hostess  dismissed us just to pick a seat on our own.

After that, despite five, yes five, servers/hostesses standing around chatting on the patio, we didn’t see our server until ten minutes later. She came from somewhere else and happened to be lovely, the saving grace of the evening actually. Skye was her name, so kudos Skye, and I hope I spelled your name right.

While Skye was busy serving tables, a gaggle of other servers continued to hang out at the front door, right by our table, chatting about everything but work – even with managers when they too popped outside. I’ve worked retail and I know it’s completely cool to chat about whatever you like when things are quiet and there aren’t customers around, but when you’re around a patio full of customers, that’s a big negative, and dining experience turnoff.

Now that I’ve said my piece lets move on to dinner. For cocktails we tried the Cinnamon Tequila with Casamigos Blanco, fresh lemon and pineapple juice, ginger syrup, sugar and cinnamon. I’m not a big cinnamon fan, but Siddall is a big tequila fan. She enjoyed it, but neither of us really noticed the addition of the cinnamon the drink is named for.


We also tried the Strawberry Mule – Absolut Vodka, fresh lime juice, strawberries and ginger beer. Now this, friends, is a perfect patio cocktail and I think I’ll try making this one at home.

We started with some calamari. It was nicely breaded and crunchy, not too heavy or greasy – and was complimented with some lovely deep fried jalapeno.

For our entree, Siddall went with the special, which looked like an actual shit ton of crab. It was thoroughly enjoyed, albeit time consuming to dig out all that sweet meat (no euphemisms necessary thank you).

I had the Top Sirloin, rare. The steak was indeed cooked the way I liked, but was a bit on the burnt side up top, which I don’t like. The baked potato was awesome, as were the fresh side of veggies.

Atmosphere: 2
Food: 3
Cocktails: 3
Service: 4 (This one’s for you Skye)

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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