Market – Calgary

So, another year of YYC Taco Fiesta is in the books!

The fiesta ended May 7, hot on the heels of Poutine Week and the precursor to the YYC Burger Battle.

YYC Taco Fiesta raises funds for the Calgary Homeless Foundation and Kids Up Front earning 15% of each taco sale.

I love that restaurants come together for great causes like this. The charities and the foundations win, the restaurants get clientele they may not have before and their chefs get to stretch their creative limbs, and us the foodies, get to try some delicious new treats.

That being said, obviously we had to sample one of the participating restaurants. I’d love to say we sampled more, but alas, time can be a fickle mistress.

Siddall chose Market because they were featuring a duck taco and she’s had a recent duck revelation. Siddall doesn’t really like tacos, but the handy thing about restaurants is how they often have different food selections. D’uh. As an added perk, we were able to dine el fresco, which is always a score. Calgarians do love their patios.

Market didn’t go with a specific taco creation, instead working with their regular taco menu which offers up duck confit, pulled pork or tuna poke.

market 1

We started however, with cocktails, obvs. And Markets homemade spicy bison jerky. The jerky was freaking delightful. Chewy, but still tender and a nice amount of kick. Order it! The Dark Horse Lemonade, complete with whisky, peach liqueur, honey, lemons and fresh mint had a nice subtle peach flavour and wasn’t overwhelmed by the whisky, an excellent patio drink. The Smoked Maple Old Fashion was hella tasty with Knob Creek Bourbon, Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon, Angostura Bitters and Smoked Simple Syrup. I would definitely order again – though it was a tidge on the sweet side.

We were at Market, in honour of YYC Taco Fiesta, with our favourite taco buddy Norman. Norman went for three of the pulled pork and three of the tuna, while I went for three of the duck and three of the tuna. There was a slight mix up with who got which tacos and how many, but our server very quickly remedied that, no charge.

The tacos were tasty, though definitely could of used a little more filling, the duck especially. The tuna poke was my pick for best overall as there was a lot of filling and the poke was very well done. The tacos were served with a tasty side of smoked onion salsa verde, but I wish the plate also had a couple slices of lime as that really would’ve jazzed things up.

Siddall bless her heart, did not order tacos, instead opting for the *surprise* duck and waffles. A dish she consumed in less time than it takes to spell taco, and one she was a very big fan of.

We wrapped with creme brulee, which happens to be one of my happy places. A nice crisp shell and a tasty custard, not too shabby at all.

market 2

Food: 3
Atmosphere: 3.5
Service: 4

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