Que Chivo – Calgary

Food truck alert!

I work in an industrial area in the back 40 of the southeast so there’s not a lot of culinary offerings around. Though, every now and then, a food truck will pop by to one of the businesses and I can try something new.

I am a big fan of Calgary’s food truck scene but haven’t always had the best luck with their wares. I’m not going to mention the negative ones as it was a while ago and I should give them another chance, but I will give a big ol high five to Cheezy Bizness, and now, Que Chivo.

Que Chivo specializes in Salvadorian food and I will say, this wasn’t my first dance with a pupusa. If you’re ever in Brandon, MB – I highly suggest you check out Sabor.

So, what is a pupusa you ask? It’s basically a hot off the grill thick corn tortilla stuffed with tasty goods. They’re not very thick, bit smaller than a pancake. With Que Chivo, I went with the carnitas. I also ordered some yucca fries, because the lady in front of me ordered some and they looked awesome.


The pupusas were very hot and very fresh and the tortilla was beautiful. The pork was good, but a little bland. Nothing a little Valentina’s couldn’t help. They did have the addition of some sort of tomato sauce, which was nice, but also needed more zip. They were served with a traditional salad, Curtido, a Salvadorian coleslaw with cabbage, carrots and onions with a vinegary dressing.

The yucca chips were like a starchier french fry. Really thick cut fries aren’t totally up my alley, but I really liked the thinner cuts. (Disclaimer: I still ate them all.)

I went with the Cola Champagne for my beverage. Orange Crush is my ideal, soulmate beverage so this being orange I was immediately sold. Basically it tastes like sort-of-flat Coke. Not necessarily something I’d order again but tasty.

Atmosphere: 4
Service: 4
Food: 3

QueChivo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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