Burger 320 – Calgary

I first discovered Burger 320 – a 320 sq. ft. gem in Bridgeland – via my foodie buddy CStu. the Parmesan fries and gorgeous burgers (I recommend Gladys Ridge) ranked the joint high on my list.

However, I hadn’t been to Burger 320’s Kensington location (which opened in 2015), so in search of dessert with Siddall the other night we wandered over.

The new location is a lot larger than 320 sq. ft. and has also expanded the menu to include a lot of brunch options – including chicken and waffles. But that’s a tale for another day, so let us focus on dessert.

Burger 320’s Chef Mario was all over the place, helping people and helping staff, but took the time to chat with us post-dessert. Always nice to see a chef who likes chatting with the people about what they’ve just eaten.

Siddall went with a not-so-classic ice cream sandwich. The Burger 320 version comes with your choice of cookie (Snickerdoodle), and gelato (latte). I loved the serving presentation and the dish got a big thumbs up.


Since we’d already enjoyed Taco Tuesday at Native Tongues, I stuck with the theme and scored the gelato taco. You get your choice of gelato (salted caramel) and any of the many toppings Burger 320 supplies. I just went with good ol’ caramel sauce and sprinkles. I’m old fashioned that way – but there were about 10 different things to choose from.

The gelato was smooth, and sweeter than I anticipated. The waffle taco fresh and the sprinkles divine.


I just wished I’d ordered some parm fries to balance the sweet.

Next time.

Atmosphere: 3/5
Service: 5/5
Food: 3.5/5

Burger 320 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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