Cibo Centre St.

Located on the corner of Centre Street and 22 Ave. N, Cibo is the reincarnation of Scopa Calgary, the name of which occupied the space in the prior four years.

Scopa, now Cibo are the sister restaurant of Cibo on 17th Ave. I’d been to Cibo on 17th numerous times (gnocchi forever). And had been to Scopa a couple times. I found Scopa to be a bit of a higher price range, and a bit of a smaller portion size, but always had good luck as far as flavour and wine pairings were concerned.

Siddall and I were actually en route for some sushi, but pulled a hard left into Cibo Centre St. on the way as the call for pasta was strong.

For a Wednesday, the restaurant was hoppin’ but we were seated right away at a tall table. The Cibo chairs, while modern and attractive in bright yellow, would not be the comfiest for those leaning towards the bootylicious – or for a pregnant lady who is only comfortable in one position for roughly 30 seconds before having to shift in another direction.

Our server was the best part of the night. Prompt, friendly and not in the least annoying or overbearing she was a gem. Note: Remember to get people’s names.

On Wednesdays house wine is only $4 which is hella decent. The special is a three course, Caesar salad, lasagna and cannoli for $16 – I went with that. Siddall went with the Proscuitto pizza complete with radicchio, caramelized onion, arugula, grana padano and fig jam ($19).

We started with table bread ($7), receiving four smallish, but hella fresh slices of foccacia.

My starter Caesar came not to long after. It had a wee anchovy plopped on top as decoration, and it was actually really tasty. The salad itself was a bit overdressed – though the bacon was delicious. And the accompanying slices of garlic toast were ginormous.


Not on my photo game this evening – already ate the anchovy.

But then came the long, long wait. Our server popped in every few minutes to let us know it wouldn’t be much longer, and she appreciated our patience. This went on for roughly 30-40 minutes before she let us know there was some sort of issue with the pizza, and again, it would be out soon.

I tried the age old trick of “go to the loo and the food will arrive” and voila, finally. Our server confided the first one had been burnt – hence the wait.

The pizza looked a thing of beauty, and Siddall enjoyed the umami of all the different flavours. Size-wise it’s a little smaller than counterparts you’d find at an Una or a Without Papers.


Proscuitto forever.

The lasagna looked lovely with a pea shoot garnish, and I scored the corner piece which is always a delight. Flavour-wise it was pretty decent – not up to Grandma calibre and a little salty. The major bummer was it was only luke warm.


Hey beautiful, why so cool?

Last but not least, the cannoli. Needing to compensate for the evenings salt I was very ready for some sweet and the cannoli delivered. Like the lasagna, it was a bit on the chilly side – maybe they’re supposed to be served that way? I am far from a cannoli connoisseur. The crunch was delightful, the hazelnut filling decent and the coffee dipped tips a nice complement.


So I took a bite, not like this was National Geographic material people.

Upon receiving the bill, we saved on half of our table bread, $3.50, for the long wait of the burnt pizza.

Cibo Centre St. is not yet on Zomato so no widget sports fans. But:

Atmosphere: 2
Service: 4
Food: 2.5

Brewsters Crowfoot

“But Hipkin,” you might be thinking. “Where the hell have you been?”

Well, you see world, I’ve been finding out I was pregnant followed by three months of violent illness so alas, writing about food wasn’t exactly at the top of the agenda.


I’m back!

Have some catching up to do so bear with me, but thank you for staying on this crazy ride!

Now then, to the eating.

Awhile, awhile back I went to Crowfoot Brewsters with the parental units. I’ve been to this location a couple times and it serves its purpose well as some decent eats, cold drinks and a nice little patio.


On this particular day I went with the chicken fingers – and to my delight, had the option of noshing with tater tots (win). I love when you gaze upon a chicken finger and can just tell, that the thick, ridged batter is gonna be crunchy love deluxe.


I chose the accompaniment of the Hammerhead Beer mustard, and darn it was delicious.

Papa Bear went with the good ol’ beef dip. Usual fare – nothing too fancy, but nice and cheesy – did the trick.


Neuman (Yep, I call my mom Neuman. What do you call your mom? Mom? Weird.) Anyways, Neuman went with a burger, in a lettuce wrap, and sweet potato fries on the side. When one follows a gluten free lifestyle, the lettuce wrap in lieu of a bun can always be an adventure. Brewsters, not bad – C for effort, but 5 Guys really has a handle on this.


If you’re in the N-Dub with some peeps and want some prompt service and reliable,decent-priced eats, this is the place to be.

Service: 4
Food: 3.5
Ambience: 3

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Kinjo Dalhousie – Calgary

When one can hardly throw a stone without hitting a Vietnamese restaurant in Calgary, the same could be said for sushi.

One of the more franchised spots in the city is Kinjo. I’ve only ever been to the Dalhousie location so if you have tips on any of the others, shoot them my way.

Siddall and I were in the northwest the other day and decided sushi was required. (If you also know of some sweet sushi tastiness in the n-dub, let me know!)

Kinjo is such a friendly place – and a very streamlined one. The service is always immaculate. Before you even arrive at your table, you’re armed with ginger and wasabi. The entire menu is in a pick-you-own format – and then your choices are kept on a small clipboard at the table in the event you’d like to order more. We didn’t have to order more because we got a little excited and ordered way too much in the first place.


Like most sushi restaurants, your food comes out as it’s ready. Sashimi first, and the rest followed quickly after. A big win for me here actually wasn’t sushi at all but the onion ring tempura – I’d hazard to say tastier than A&W, but don’t run me over with a truck for that.

The smaller rolls are pretty generic and not necessarily the prettiest, but they do have great flavour – particularly the yam tempura.

The prettiest sushi we ordered was definitely the vegetable roll. I’m usually all meat, all the time, but this one looked very intriguing with yam and asparagus tempura and a strawberry slice on top. The asparagus was a little tough, and I wasn’t exactly enamored with the strawberry mingling with the other flavours, but a success.

Kinjo 1

One of the perks of Kinjo is the end of your meal when a fellow comes around with a variety of Pocky Sticks for your dessert – always go strawberry!

Atmosphere: 3
Service: 5
Food: 3

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Vimy’s Lounge & Grill – Waterton, Alberta

So, it’s a bit snowy in Calgary these days which makes it the perfect opportunity to leave town and go snowshoeing.

Headed south with the peeps last weekend to do some snowshoeing in beautiful Waterton Lakes National Park. Waterton is smaller and more peaceful than Banff and I love going to the park in the winter because it’s so quiet. I would say 95 per cent of its businesses close up and await the summer season. As many know, the Park was ravaged by wildfire last year, and judging by how close some of the burnt out trees are to the townsite, we’re very lucky to still have a Waterton at all, so huge kudos to all the crews that worked on the blaze.

During our trip last year, Wieners of Waterton  was open so we delighted in some pre-snowshoe hot dogs. We were looking forward to doing the same this year but no dice. The one place open in town was Vimy’s Lounge & Grill at the Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort – and it was hopping as our servers told us there were three weddings … that day. So, after being all adventurous out in the beautiful cold, we headed to Vimy’s and sat amongst the families dressed in their wedding finery.

Vimy 1

There’s really nothing like an ice cold beer to wrap up some cold day exertions and I tried a pint of the Big Rock Magpie. I’ve never heard of the Magpie (apparently it’s a “retro” brew) but it had a nice, even flavour and was a really nice, easy to drink beer that I would look for again.

Since we were in that weird twilight zone between lunch and supper, we just ordered a bunch of appetizers between the five of us.

The deep fried pickles ($9) were delish. Not Ship & Anchor delish, but very tasty indeed. What I found odd was they were served with good ol’ sour cream. Now I totally dig sour cream, but I feel something with a little more zing, like an aioli of some sort, might pair better with these deep fried beauties.

The southwest spinach and artichoke dip was creamy and well cheesed. No one likes skimpy cheese sportsfans. I like that it was accompanied by both nacho chips and pita pieces. I’m on team pita with this one, probably because you can load more on it and cram it in your piehole. At $17, this was our priciest pick of the day.

Vimy 2

We also had chicken wings, obvs, in the honey hot flavour ($16). They were hella saucy and very tasty, and I appreciate the effort, but two carrot sticks and three pieces of celery is a little on the short side. Probably the tastiest, and most reasonable purchase of the day was James’ poutine ($11). It was a great portion, the gravy was rich and the fries in the happy place between too thick and too thin.

Vimy 3

If you’re thinking of being all romantic and stuff this Valentine’s Day, they do have a special posted, so that’s one sweet road trip option for you and your person.

Atmosphere: 3.4
Service: 4
Food: 3.5

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The Palomino Smokehouse – Calgary

When one has a morning appointment in downtown Calgary, on a weekend, there aren’t a lot of brunch places that come to mind. I know they’re out there, but to be honest downtown can be a ghost town outside of business day hours – so please do give me recommendations.

One bright spot in the downtown brekkie scene is The Palomino Smokehouse. Located on the picturesque? Seventh Avenue and First Street stretch, it was the perfect location for some pre-Women’s March nosh a couple weeks back.

Walking into The Palomino is like walking into a warm, smoky hug. There is stuff everywhere: posters, autographs, animal heads. The tables and chairs unapologetically don’t match and it’s got some major vintage back home chic. In other words, it’s perfect.


While The Palomino has a sweet breakfast menu, you can also order off the regular lunch menu. Katie went with the Palomino Bennies – homemade hollandaise over soft poached eggs and choice of meat (she went with ham).

I went with the traditional breakfast classic, The Smokehouse Poutine. Really though, nothing warms the heart, and body, of a lady about to march for Women’s Rights better than a poutine piled high with melt-in-your-mouth brisket.


Other meat options for the poutine include pork, bacon, sausage or smoked turkey. While I’ve already highlighted that freaking delicious brisket, I’d also like to point out the gravy. It. Was. Amazing. I don’t know what it was, and I probably should of asked, but I would bottle this in a flask and sip it on the ski hill it’s so darn tasty.


Should also give a shoutout to our server, who was attentive and helpful. Especially when we couldn’t decide how much PBR we wanted to add to our orange juice (breakfast drink of champions). Also fun fact: they have PBR on tap!

Atmosphere: 5
Food: 4
Service: 3.5

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Lee’s Buffet – Brandon, MB

So, my sister lives in Brandon, the one in Manitoba – so we try and get there as often as we can for visits with her and the fam (particularly the nuggets of course).

In my books, no visit to Brandon is complete without a visit to Lee’s Buffet. Lee’s used to be Ye’s, but has been under new management for a year or two now. This bad boy is one of the biggest buffets I’ve been to in Canada (nothing really holds a candle to Vegas in buffet land).

Disclaimer: There is a lack of photos occurring in this post, so my apologies. I was busy giving a two-year-old all-you-can-eat ice cream on more than one occasion.


Lee’s has a little bit of everything. There’s the usual buffet fare of jello, salad and fruit. There’s the usual Chinese food offerings with fried rice, chicken balls, sesame chicken, beef and broccoli etc. There’s some fun Asian desserts I don’t know the name of (please help me out if you know!) One consisting of doughy balls coated in sesame with some sort of dark paste inside, one a deep fried won ton dipped in some sort of delectable honey caramel type thing, and the epitome to this lady, the egg tart.

What also sets Lee’s apart is it has a pretty extensive sushi bar. Lee’s isn’t the only place to get sushi in Brandon (there’s five options in total), and it’s not the only all-you-can-eat – but it is a place where you can load one plate with salmon sashimi and another with french fries.


The sushi tends to move pretty fast so is always fresh. The rolls are decent in their art form, especially for the price. There are a lot of takes on California style, but there’s also some nice spicy rolls and the aforementioned salmon.


Lee’s is clean, the food is hot and it’s a very kid friendly joint.

Service: 4
Atmosphere: 3.5
Food: 3.4

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Mossleigh Bar’n Grill – Mossleigh, AB

*Disclaimer: Received a lovely email from Brooklyn at the Mossleigh Bar’n Grill with an invite for a complimentary lunch. I accepted on the basis I would write an honest review, and that I would also chip in for anyone I might bring along. Siddall came with me, and the Bar’n Grill ended up kindly comping our whole meal.

Exploring Alberta back roads is one way of finding yourself some great eats. A big one that comes to my mind is the Twin Butte County General Store. People will drive for miles for a taste of the Mexican there (and you should too).

The Mossleigh Bar’n Grill is another of these. Yes, we were invited, but had we been cruising along Highway 24 just for the fun of it one day, this is definitely somewhere we would stop – even for a quick beer and a snack. Also, to my two-wheeling peeps – looks like a great stop over while out cruising on a lovely Alberta day. The Bar’n Grill is just east of Aspen Crossing and you can’t miss the big red building on the roadside.


The Bar’n Grill is large and in charge, but upon entering feels immediately cozy. There is woodwork everywhere, some sweet ceiling fans, buffalo horns and other paraphernalia giving it a rustic chic feel. Hockey was on the televisions, so that’s an immediate draw for moi.


The old standbys of pool tables, Buck Hunter and the big punch boxer is also on hand. A variety of different tables and chairs add to the charm of the place, while ’50s hits on the radio keep one bobbing their head and singing along. If you’re your own crooner, the Bar’n Grill hosts jams every other Friday.


As well as the daily specials, the Bar’n Grill offered up a specials menu and regular menu. I was immediately drawn to the Mac’n’Cheese stuffed burger, while Siddall went the greener route with the Chef’s Salad and the less green route adding a side of onion rings.


Siddall’s salad was fresh and plentiful, but what she really raved about were the onion rings.  A fiend for onion rings, she’s knows what’s up and the Bar’n Grill really delivered. I tried one as well, and the batter was hella light and the onion well cooked and tasty. 10/10 would be a great snack for game time and beers.


The Mac’n’Cheese stuffed burger was a big ol’ burger and hot, hot, hot off the grill. The meat had great flavour, but I would like to see a tidge more mac’n’cheese stuffed in there as it’s a killer combo of awesomeness.

When ordering, Brooklyn asked if I wanted shoestring or homemade – my usual go to is always shoestring, but she had me at “we slice them here ourselves”. These, ladies and gentlemen are good fries. Not too big as to be all potato and no crunch, and not too skinny so they still taste like an actual potato.

Many thanks to Brooklyn, and the Mossleigh Bar’n Grill. We’ll be back – and I’ll bring the folks because I maybe forgot to invite them this time around and Mama Bear hinted it had been a lovely day for a drive.